Bad smell and vapor out my exhaust

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Oct 11, 2010
Iowa City IA area
The last week or so I have noticed a real bad smell out of my exhaust and what looks like vapor coming out. Any ideas?
Bad like a dead animal smell??
No not bad animal. I guess the thing that worries me more is the vapor. I need to check my water level tommorow. But let me know what you think.
Need more info. Any other issues? Have you overheated your engine? Is it running badly? Do you know the service history?
I dont know the service history. It is not running bad, not over heating. I dont know. This has never happened before. I am just throwing stuff out there but about 3 weeks ago I installed a snorkel. Last week I went through water about up to the running boards. I will put a pic on. I am about 5'10". So it was about up to my knees. I dont know if that helps. It starts hard i guess. It has always taking 10 or 15 turnovers for it to start. I bought it from a dealership last fall in Minnesota. So I dont really know the history on it.
Is it a rotten egg smell?

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