Backyard wheeling

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Apr 20, 2003
NE PA coal region
Took advantage of the great weather today to get the 40 out for some exercise. Took her up behind my house and it was so nice I took a few pictures. There's a lot of reclaimed strip mining operations in this area. Lots of nice trails some easy some challenging. Enjoy the photos!!

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Looks inviting, Gary.

When are we having the Brockton Blowout!
Good to see you getting out Gary! Hope all is well!
So clean again. I will always think of it after it was submerged in the mud hole.
Spent many days on those trails in many vehicles! From pristine 62s to $500 broken frame 4Runners! And some test drives!
Jeff you know I'm getting old and I don't remember a dirt bike mishap- please refresh my memory!!!!!

And you'll smile at brother in law (FJ40 owner) and I were coming down 924 from the Paragon area and when we got to the right turnoff to route 339 it reminded me of the Sunday you drove your 55 home with some missing wheel studs!!!!
Ah yes, I do have a love/hate relationship with wheel spacers to this very day. Luckily I made it home but I remember it was absolutely freezing that day, making a trail fix with frozen fingers. If I remember correctly you came into a deal that left you with a dirt bike somehow and you took it up the main trail up the ridge behind your house. At some point you got it stuck on a log, trying to get over it, and I remember you telling me you were hung up for quite a while and didn't know if you would ever get it off that log. Needless to say the bike went bye bye and you swore that was the last (and maybe only?) time you and dirt bikes would have a relationship : ). Had to be around 2004/5
Yes I remember now. I found a beautiful unmolested Yamaha 175 trail bike. Second time out in the woods I tried to cross a wet log stretched across the trail at an angle and down I went in a hurry. Had a hell of a time getting the bike untangled from the log and upright and that was the end of it- I sold it without losing any money and that was the last time I operated a bike in the woods!!!!
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