Backspace for custom wheels???

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Jul 23, 2007
San Diego,california
Ok, here is the deal, I am getting hummer (H1) tires for my 80 and I want to use the H1 wheels with new centers, BUT i don't know what's the right backspace, if any of you guys know the answer to this, please feel free.
I am getting the wheels from Trail Worthy Fab and i already have the tire from my Hummwv project.
I am going to run 37x12.5 16.5, with a 3 link in the front with coilovers for a total lift of 5" to 6".
Make sure you do your research as far as your stud lengths and type of lug nuts you will use to center the wheels. Most likely they will be shank style like the mini trucks IRRC.

Here a link to measure BS and offset.

EDIT after I posted this I realized it was a older thread. What did you end up using for lug nuts?
The H1 rims require the acorn style lug nuts used in early 80's with the alloy rims with steel inserts (or steel rim). Lug centric not hub centric.

I certainly hope that's what the OP used.

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