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Back on the Road!

Sep 25, 2005
I actually got it running last week, but finished painting (primering) and putting the doors back on so that I can drive it in the regular rain we have here in the horrible state of Washington. I almost forgot how much fun it was to drive! I replaced the old tired motor with that of a 2F out of an 83' FJ60 with only 150k on the clock. Runs a lot better than the old motor and has a bunch of power.
June 1 2010 001.jpg
June 1 2010 003.jpg
June 1 2010 004.jpg
Jun 24, 2006
TarHeel State
Nice looking FJ... I lived out on Bainbridge Island for about 5 years and wish I had my 40 back then. Summers were great, all three weeks of it.... Cheers!

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