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Thanks Dan.

Not that this could get any better but there was some great stuff with the truck. The 1st owner kept a log of everything done to the rig from '66, when he bought it, till '80 when he sold it to the man I bought it from.

The guy I got it from is a retired engineer who worked on the 1st telecommunications satilite ever luunched. Needless to say that he was meticulous too and very dedicated to having it serviced on a schedule.

Also in the glove box were two factory repair manuals covering the 40,43, and 45's. I can't imagine how scarce these must be. Except for the covers being slid around, the pages are perfect.

A friend of mine who sells Fiat parts has photo-copied numerous factory manuals and had them GBC bound (plastic combs) and sells them. I was thinking of doing the same thing with these but only charging for the paper, binding, copy fees and postage. It wouldn't be about making a buck, just about sharing the info. Someone else may already be doing this and if that's the case I'll just let it go. Just a thought.

67 Landcruiser FJ45 LV pictures by mikemudge - Photobucket
I like the rear bumper. I have seen very few in this condition. Sweet Score!!!
Very very nice truck! Outstanding. I like the extra set of gauges.

If anything, seems like getting at least a set of manuals made for show&tell or regular use would be a good thing.


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