'B' pillar replacement (1 Viewer)

Feb 18, 2011
Starting a frame off on a '75 project I bought. On the passenger side it looks like some trail damage was repaired and the 'B' pillar was replaced with an earlier year model pillar. The '75 driver side has the 'hump' at the door latch point and this repaired/replaced one on the passenger side is staight bottom to top. I have a donor cruiser I can pull the correct shape pillar out of but what are the 'gotchas' I should look out for when attempting this repair?

I will be replacing the inner and outer rocker panels along with the floor pan under the fuel tank location. I also plan on replacing both rear quarter panels. I am assuming all of this should be done while body is on the frame. Am I right in this assumption?

I have spent hours reading this forum but I have not found replacing a pillar kind of repair work posted. I am sure some of you guys are doing this depth of repair. Help!

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