SOLD AZ: Con-Ferr Rear Bench Seat (FJ40) with Dual Storage Compartments (1 Viewer)

Jan 1, 2011
Tempe, Arizona
Con-Ferr Rear Bench Seat for Sale. Asking $450. Same item on eBay for $775. It has a large storage compartment under the seat and a tool box/storage compartment behind the seat back. I am including at NO EXTRA COST, the Desert Camo Seat covers, the Arm Rests and a Set of Seat Belts that are in perfect condition.

This is in Arizona (85283) so I prefer to just have someone pick it up. I would ship it if someone is willing to pay the additional expense of having it boxed and paying the shipping. That is likely to be another $150-$175 depending on where is it being shipped to.

Payment by PayPal preferred, or COD.

Ron Stoddard
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