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Sep 20, 2003
Has anybody out there tried the Warn birfield eliminator kit? How about the rear full-floater from Warn? Sound like good stuff, want to know for sure. Or if anybody has a better idea, I would like to hear it. Please don't say anything dense like Dana 60s, I own a 'Cruiser not a sissy j**p.
I have the Warn FF rear on my 47 CJ2A - stock Dana 41 rear. It is set up with warn premium external hubs. This little truck tows behind my Expedition like a toy wagon. The ONLY downstroke is that sometimes I have to rock the J**p to get the hubs to engage fully. Otherwise they are everything thay advertise, and their customer service is great - they made them custom, charged the regular price, and shipped them in about a week.

Mike S
i thought that warn stopped making the birfield eliminater kit due to them finding that the u joint had to be so small it actually made it a weaker axle. where did you hear that they are selling them again ? and for how much? and are they saying its stronger than a birfield?
is it really that big a deal to eliminate the birfs, if there are longfields and smurfields around?

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