For Sale Awesome 77 FJ40 project in PA

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Selling an extremely solid and interesting 77 FJ40 project in PA. Frustration with lack of progress (and commitment) from my painter has made me decide to sell off this project and move in another direction. I believe this truck, when finished, will be a very desirable FJ40. The story…………….
Bought this as a project last spring as part of a package deal in which my friend Ben got a nice complete and running 40. My project had been sitting untouched for three years in the owner’s garage and the loose parts were in a storage garage he had rented. He bought it from a shop in Maryland that had been doing work on it until the PO ran out of money. Typical sad story. The truck came from Virginia originally, in fact I have the two VA plates that were still mounted on the license plate holders when I got the project. I have a lot of receipts and paperwork from the era when owned by the man from Virginia. All the body parts were fitted together after I brought the project home, doors lined up, then disassembled for painting.
The body is awesome, it’s the main reason I took on the project. Don’t know how much if any work was done to the tub- but it is rust free. Floor has been rhino lined professionally in black. Truck was originally red. Only areas of concern on the truck are the hole for the radio in the dash has been mangled a bit- I have a replacement uncut dash piece to repair. The front of the cowl on the passenger side is bent in appx 1” where the rear mounting holes on the fender would attach to the cowl. My painter says it’s an easy fix. The wheelwells have been trimmed to fit larger tires and a set of flares with mounting gaskets come with the truck. All threaded mounting holes have been cleaned and a tap run through them- not a broken bolt anywhere on this tub (or on any of the other body parts for that matter).
All the removable parts have been stripped, attended to, block sanded, primed, and professionally painted. Either you like the color or you don’t- I love it. It’s the same color as my 73 FJ55 and looks awesome. IT’s PPG paint and whatever paint my painter still has will go with the truck. Fenders are genuine Toyota and are perfect, driver side has been trimmed to clear the FJ60 PS box. All four doors have been completed- all glass is installed. Unwanted holes in front doors for mirrors were filled. All weatherstripping in place in all four doors- used genuine Toyota parts here. Hood, bib and aprons are also done and installed, as has the grille and radiator screen. The windshield frame is perfect and sports a new gasket and professionally installed new windshield. Wiper motor, linkage, and cover have been installed in the WS frame. Likewise, the hardtop sides are as nice as you’ll find and have all glass and weatherstripping installed. The fiberglass top is flawless and is at the paint shop right now- as it has been for five months as a matter of fact. It needed stripped and the front windshield lip replaced- I bought a new lip from Cruisercorps and that goes with the project as does a new headliner I got from Cruisercorps. All the smaller items like door hinges, the L-shaped brackets that attach the hardtop to the windshield frame, the hook and pad for the spare tire carrier are painted and included.
The frame had been stripped, prepped for the installation of a V8 and automatic transmission, then refinished. It is clean as a whistle and shines attractively. The four original motor mounts were removed- I stripped a set off a donor frame and installed them to go back to a 2F engine. The tubular crossmember behind the transfer case has been neatly removed the intention was to use a Downey crossmember. I have a solid original crossmember that is included with the truck. The rear crossmember corners, where the tail lights mount, have been trimmed in anticipation of using a different bumper- I have a solid rear crosspiece with the tail light mounting surface intact that comes with the project. The left front shock absorber mount has been removed to accommodate the FJ60 steering box installation and a new shock mount will need to be fabbed and welded in. The frame was actually set up to use a Saginaw box and that mounting area is still intact and usable if the new owner wants to go Saginaw. The mounting plate for the 60 box is still only tacked in place and can be easily removed. Steering linkage is completed and of course the original steering column assembly is included. I do have the original shock mount which could be readily bolted back onto the frame if you go Sag steering. Brand new battery is in place on a factory battery mount that has been stripped and repainted. Battery cables are fitted.
A new bumper was made from rectangular tubing and looks great. An original, solid tubular spare tire carrier is included. The gas tank and gas tank cover are perfect and both have been powder coated. The pedal assembly has been disassembled, cleaned and painted silver, and re-assembled. Roll cage has been powder coated black. All seat mounting brackets have been cleaned, stripped, and painted black. No front seats. No rear seats either at the price I am asking although I do have a pair or two of jump seats here. New front parking light/turn signals have been installed on the fenders using Toyota gaskets. I have one new tail light might have a second. I have both front door upholstery panels, too, and they’re nice. Also have the original rear license plate assembly completely refinished. Included are two perfect running boards and a refinished (powder coated) console.
Engine is a low mileage 2F came from an 86 FJ60, I saw a video of it running before it was pulled. It sounded great with no bad noises or smoke. Has the later large distributor, a polished valve cover, and a powder coated air cleaner. Has the factory power steering pump in place as well as the starter and alternator. Has clutch fan on the water pump and all belts are in place. Bought a new factory fuel pump for it and I believe all the gas lines are original. Brand new radiator is in place in a powder coated support with the correct bracing, and radiator and some heater hoses are installed. New motor mounts at all four corners. Bellhousing was cleaned and repainted nicely, brand new Aisin clutch installed with new pilot and release bearinsg, along with a genuine Toyota rear main seal. New spark plugs and a new oil pan gasket installed, all genuine Toyota.
Axles are in excellent shape. Both have 4.10 gears and ARB lockers professionally installed by Land Cruiser Connection in Virginia. Front axle has been completely rebuilt and includes birfield eliminators. I have receipts for all this work. Four wheel disc brakes with fresh calipers and hoses at all four corners. Included is a never used ARB compressor. Front axle has Warn premium hubs. I believe the axles have zero miles on them.
Currently installed is an H55 transmission mated to a rebuilt split transfer case with the very hard to find parking brake assembly on the rear output shaft. The transmission cover has been professionally modified to work with the different location (3 ¼” rearward of the stock location) of the shifters. Original shifter holes were simply relocated rearward and still have all the original threaded mounting holes for the shifter boots. I have several pictures of the relocation work in progress. Shifters are of course included with the H55 and split case.
Truck currently rolls on five brand new 33 x 10.50 BFG Mud terrains on original steel wheels with factory (new) hubcaps. I have a pair of sun visors and an inside rear view mirror. The original instrument cluster, glovebox door, ash tray, and wiring harness are included. Front heaters both in-cab and under-hood are included. Gas pedal and carburetor linkage are included as is the original brake booster and master cylinder. Have new shift boots and some other new trim pieces, emblems and such, that will go with the project. Has what appear to be brand new 3 or 4" lift springs, and I have a set of brand new Rancho shocks with covers to go with the project.
That about does it but I am sure I missed some things. Price as is- $12.5K. Would sell without the H55 but with a real nice four speed and solid case transfer for $10.5K. Price could be negotiated downward if you don’t want the wheels and tires. As clean and well done as this truck is I have no doubt it would bring $20-$25K when finished. I figured my painter would have another $1000-$1500 worth of work on the tub to completely finish it. I want my garage space back- I have only a two car garage. Good luck finding another rust free 40 in this section of the country with everything this truck has!
I have a clean PA title in my name for this truck, metal ID plate matches the title and the VIN stamped on the frame rail. Located in northeast PA not far from Interstate 81, about 35 minutes from Rausch Creek offroad park. Best to email me I have some pictures of the truck as I bought it and during the resurrection process. Some are included here to whet your appetite will send others to seriously interested inquirers. Thanks, Gary

Before paint July 2014 2.jpg.jpg
77 with engine 1.jpg
Gas tank and cover.jpg
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This is a great, solid, well done truck. I saw it mid way through the transformation when I stopped by Gary's to swap some parts.
I love the color! Good luck with sale.

Gary - you should post this in the TN club house. A Vols fan would snap this up. Clemson, Auburn or Syracuse would work too! GLWS
Can you please send some pics to Personally as a OSU cowboy, that Orange is beautiful. I've been searching for nice project to combine my 77 with.
Well, had a discussion with my body guy yesterday and he is going to renew working on the project. I'm gonna keep my foot on his back to be sure he follows through with his promise, so I am keeping the project. had several inquiries, would have been a great, profitable project for someone to have scooped up while I was in my funk. Thanks to all who inquired. Gary

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