automatic shifter, what to use?

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Oct 15, 2002
i'm putting in a th350 and was told to use a b&m shifter ($160). i used a pinto shifter ($25) on my s-10 when i dropped in a 305. is b&m the only option?
I used a B&M truck floor shifter. Works great. It has a park/netural switch you can use if your engine is tbi. Only problem is no reverse light switch. I just put the reverse light on a push button switch for state inspection purposes.

If you can afford it, the Art Carr gate shifters are awesome. I got mine so I can slam from 1st to reverse if I get close to an endo. Just have to grind out one gate for that feature.
I've got a Hurst Pro Shift and it sucks, The pattern is vague and I'm going with the Lokar pretty soon. They look simple and you can get various lengths.

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