Austin OEM parts? LC 100

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Jul 24, 2014
San Antonio, TX
Getting ready to do my front brakes, rotors, and bearings on my 2002 Landcruiser. Online at I can get get the rotors for $72 each. The Autonation Toyota South here wants $145 each. I called the folks and they re-assured me that they were OEM parts.

- Does anyone have someone local that can get these kind of prices?
- Does anyone have an online source that might be better than
Check the Vendor forums. Norwalk Toyota is an IH8MUD sponsor and offers a promo code on top of already-low prices. Their website is where I've been buying all my OEM Toyota parts (well, that and eBay).
Check and see if your dealer has an online ordering option and compare prices. My local dealers online ordering shows those disks for $74.86, with an MSRP of $103.76.

On multiple occations I've been quoted 1.5x-2x the online price by the guy behind the counter, or over the phone. Now I just order online and pick up the parts, no shipping.

Edit: Check here: Find Toyota Parts at Discount Toyota Parts - AutoNation Toyota South Austin
Well Ridgerunner78 you are correct. I went to the link for Autonation Toyota South Austin and sure enough the Rotors are $68. Unbelievable. That is so annoying. I will place an order and see how it goes. Thanks so much to everyone. Why would they do that?

About to do the same and also in Austin. This will save almost $100 in shipping. Thanks for the share @Ridgerunner78
Because most of those parts desks spend their day quoting all the rape-airs that are coming into their dealership. Some people think The piece of mind getting their cars Worked on at the dealership is worth double the market rate on labor, time billed, and parts. Most of the time when you walk in and remind the parts person that you do your own work they quickly start speaking in internet pricing numbers
Well I just placed my order online for half the price the guy quoted on the phone. I chose the pickup option and it only cost $6. Always learning something new. Thanks again everyone.
I bought all 4 OEM rotors from Camelback toyota in AZ about an year ago. Each was $80 + shipping.

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