AUSSIE Locker install help. im stuck FJ62

Aug 17, 2021
Winston Salem, NC
well im stuck and frankly so is the center pin...
so i have a 89 auto. ive done a couple of these before but this one is giving me a fit..

i tried to assemble with the thrust washers that were in the truck which are (4136160030 thickness=1.90) and I couldnt get the pin in at all..
did some math and figured the smallest 4136160010 thickness =1.60 would get me within spec.. nope.. cant get a .002 feeler in there let alone .006.

It was my understanding these were the thrust washers avail.. but im already on the thinnest

4136160010 FJ62 T=1.60
4136160020 FJ62 T=1.75
4136160030 FJ62 T=1.90
4136160040 FJ62 T=2.05



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