******August Monthly Meeting******

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Jan 14, 2010
UC August Meeting.PNG
I won't be able to make this one.
I'm a maybe. Got to at least work 8 hers that night.
Jennifer and I will be there.
Will have a contingent of 2-3 vehicles from our family!
Had a good turnout!

Wagon row!

I think we had 10 vehicles present and a strong representation of 60 series with Gabe's 60 and 4 62's.....had a new member join, Connor Sweeney who has a 62 (he left before pic was taken)! Hopefully we made a strong enough showing that we will get our big room back and they will reserve a section of the lot for us again! Will do it again in September!
I kind of liked that room.

Good times as always.
I prefer the orginal room as you can look out the windows and see all the vehicles lined up. I'm sorry that you get to look at lots of Land Cruisers all day.....please allow the rest of us the opportunity to have that pleasant experience at least once a month!!!

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