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Nov 20, 2003
For all of the car audio people, how big of an amplifier do I need to drive a Sony 8" Xplod in a sealed box? 100, 200, 500 watts?

I would like to install a smaller amp (physically smaller) in the rear quarter panel besides the box that I am making, any suggestions for amps?

Nov 29, 2004
Tempe, AZ
100-200 should be fine...I love MTX amps they are always rated lower than they actually you get more amp for your money. An MTX 100amp should be plenty for an 8" I ran 500 to my infinity perfect 12 and it was loud and tight.
Dec 11, 2004
The Rock
Not to piss in your Post Toasties or anything, but I built a box in the same locale and put an Alpine 300 something series to a Sony explode, and was a little disappointed. I spent hours on the box to make it stealth and fit behind the panel.

As discussed previously, it is hard to do much in that locale because of depth. Someday I might have something fabbed to get the sub over to the side and look as stock as possible. 8" is just not enough IMO to make any real difference. Anything bigger and depth becomes a huge issue.

I do not know if it was me and my fab skills, but I wasn't impressed with what I got, so I ended up with a 12" in a Q-Logic driven by same amp ($199 Best Buy and other places) and it has what I was looking for. I put quick-disconnects on it so I can remove it and installed some handles that make it easy to grab, plus the handles serve as great guides for strapping the thing down with a strap using the tie-down points in the floor.

And I'm an old man, not into impressing/annoying everyone at the stoplights.

Hope yours goes better than mine did. My amp resides in the pocket with the removable door.
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