astro PS conversion

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May 22, 2003
Would like more info, pics, measurements, etc... of this swap.

I did see and read the writeup under tech, but with so many differences in engine conversions etc.. i would like to see if it would fit?

experiences, someone willing to pull measurements/ clearences for me much appreciated.

like this swap vs the scout cause you can run a larger radiator.
pics would work for now, then after i look at them i might ask for different measurments based on a common point, so that i can layout the box on my cruiser to see if it will fit.
gumby, Where you at? lol, i been busy so i havent got back to this, but i am still interested in any and all pics you can get to me.
I noticed your comment about runnng a larger radiator. The astro conversion box is under your radiator U frame. If you have a V-8 and have moved the radiator down, like most printed instructions from the major aftermarket suppliers suggest, there could be clearance problems. The astro does allow a wider radiator above the frame behnd the headlamps. I was going to do an astro conversion, but 20 yrs ago I installed a hugh radiator between the frame rails for the sbc. It was a 5 core, special tank on the bottom and at least 9 inches taller than stock. (1/2 inch clearance on the hood). Summertime in the desert 115* will sit and idle all day long at 180*. Worked great but pain in the butt to put power steering in.
I was up there for 8 hours and I never got to it. I'll try again tomorrow.
What measurements do you need?
I run a wide rad above the frame rails and above the astro box. I also run a V8 but I do not need to move the rad down because I have a Taurus electric fan.
Plowboy, very interesting, the aftermarket radiators that everyone is buying make you drop between the framerails in front of the crossmember? i see more volume of coolant, but airflow cannot be that great there. I didnt know that. I ran a stock radiator, a stock record to 4 or 5 core, then went alum 2 1" cores 31 x 19, loved the alum, little big, so i am looking at going with the 24 or 26 x19 size. But changing to different power steering setup so both have to be considered. MILD 406 sbc, cooling is important.

Gumby just get to snapping pics of everything, please. I would also be interested in the rad, fan setup you have also. Send them to email, or post a few.

Ok i reviewed your writeup, nice, i just have a couple questions,

length of said unknow orgin pitman arm? how was it keyed? how it the box keyed?

IS this box yr particular? any changes in these boxes? quicker ratio, bigger bores, longer pitman arms, etc...

you mentioned a higher pressure oring setup then the older ps setups, does this box require the pressure release from the rear of the astro ps pump to be installed in the older pumps, or will pulleys change to go back to the old style pulley setup? I see the adapter mentioned but does it require a higher pressure?

Also what did you do to finish the drag link? I am looking to do a SOA this week, so steering is a concern if not enough time i will make stock steering work, if time i am doing this conversion or a scout setup.

I noticed the box in your setup sits up above the frame rails, and with planned radiator i run flat across the frame rails, if possible can you shoot a pic level with the frame looking at the box from the drivers side, just to give me an idea on how low below the frame your setup is.

I appreciate any help on this, i think i will just go pull one of those just so i can see if it will work for me. you still guide the way.
It's not the aftermarket radiators that were lowered. When V-8 conversions were started the stock radiators were moved down to line-up better with the V-8 fan. Large fans would hit the bottom hose. Regular Saginaw conversions with the box in front weren't effected because it is only the shaft going through the area. The astro puts the box there.

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