Are the Birfields reusable?

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May 26, 2007
Baton Rouge, LA
I stripped a 60 axle for a disc brake swap yesterday and the birfs have clear signs of overheating. Is this normal and, more importantly, are these birfs usable?


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Hey Brian,

They may be of use to someone as trail spares.
I'd run em...:meh:
The brand new cv unlimited birf I got look just like that.. I think its part of the heat treating ... Run em

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I think those heat marks are normal...
They are normal. Color change due to manufacture heat treatment.
That's normal. Run them. But, you may want to open up the birfs and look at the races inside. If the balls have made divits on the raceways, then you may want to hold off. Post up some pix if you do. John

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