ARB Awning Pole Replacement

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Aug 6, 2006
Northern Virginia
I currently have two ARB awnings, a large side awning and just pickup a rear awning.
I have had a few issues with the standard poles that you twist to extend, the internal plastic piece that expands when you twist the pole is held in place by a very tiny screw and in my case the screw snapped and I could not lower the pole and had to remove it to rolll the awning back in. I did fix the ARB pole by installing a small set screw but I really wanted better poles and found them at R.E.I., 8FT telescoping poles with ground tips, about $22.00.
I removed the plastic piece that allow the poles to swing down and filed and sanded it to fit the REI pole which is a bit narrower but it's a thicker gauge. I also drilled and tapped a hole near the ground tip and install a clamping nob, that secures the stake cords I put together, eliminating the long stake lines that one tends to trip over. The new rear awning was setup with these pole end stake cords which gave me the idea for the new poles. I also fabbed some aluminum awning attachment brackets.
Results are great, I now have very stout poles that telescope with a simple clamping nob.

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Nice set up, thanks for the post. Can you post a pic of the rear awning deployed? I'm interested in one of these.

I have to assume its an option from the company that makes the awnings. Its' something I considered after I got the rear awning. You could have a shop sew up the section, attach it with the velcro straps or if you go with a full corner piece, same attachment and a pole with a tie down cord. Check out the link to the company in my earlier post.


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