'Apron' Removal?

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Mar 24, 2005
Boulder / Frisco, CO
Quick ask for tips on removing the small apron/covering piece found above the hood where the windshield wipers mount through on a BJ7x model. Doubting the hood has to come off to reach the screws holding it. I understand the wipers need to be removed, but speaking to the screws and no apparent room to reach them.

Thanks in advance.
Ok then - I'll source a smaller ratchet/bit set than I've tried. Thanks for confirming no removal of hood necessary.
I think you will need to remove the hood. I have the hood off during the engine swap and when I test fitted the hood I took a little time to see if I could install the boot cowl with the hood on, it didn’t look like I would be able to install/remove the boot cowl with the hood on. Once you remove the screws in the front then you pull the boot cowl forward to remove it from the other Plastic fasteners.
Actually you might be able to tilt the front end up and forward between the back of the hood and hood hinge, if that makes sense.
I taped cardboard over the edge of the bonnet then unbolted it from its hinges and sort of let it rest against the glass. Held up by its prop at the front, I got the screws out of the cowl.
It can be removed with the hood on but it is easier to just remove the hood.
This tool will help you remove the screws without messing with the hood.

Done it a few times and the cowl cover can be removed / installed also without messing with the hood too but it does help to have an extra set of hands while doing that.

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I removed mine without taking the hood off. Used the same tool; ratchet with a phillips bit.

It would be really annoying to have to take the hood off just to take that cowl cover off.

I don't know the brand of the ratchet (logo is worn off the handle) I took a picture of or I would post that up also. I assume there are many variants out there available to buy though.

I bought it from either Advanced Auto Parts store or Autozone tool section many years ago and it has came in very handy many times, including the particular task of removing the screws to the cowl cover as mentioned in this thread.

Edit: Here is a link to get the tool like the one I have. I recommend it. Amazon product
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@FJ73Texas I just used a regular 1/4" ratchet with an interchangeable bit socket and a Phillips head bit. It has a bit more length than what you posted but there was enough room.
Thanks again for this - Picked up a tiny right angle ratcheting screwdriver and will get to work. My others didn't fit...

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