Anyone willing to show me Sedona?


Bware of the 1 eye monstr
Sep 25, 2006
Barrie Ontario Canada
Hello everyone.

I was directed to this site by Tools R Us on the Ih8mud forum. Here is my story:

I am getting married in Sedona in early May and am looking for someone to wheel us around the area for a few hours one day. I refuse to hop on the Pink Jeep tours. I figure a local will be able to do more than those lameoids with the Jeeps.

I am willing to pay for this privilege. If interested, drop me an email -



'72 ish FJ40 converted with a 3B Diesel, turbo, intercooled, 5 speed, coils front & back, four link long arm out back, rear lockers, three link with detachable swaybar (front), currently on 33's and more stuff that I just can't remember. . . also an 81 BJ42 almost stock (has Aqualu tub).

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