Anyone Using Marsh Racing Wheels?

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May 7, 2008
Hello all, anyone using MRW on their waggy? I called and they indicated will mock up a wheel to see if the center sections clear the stock calipers. Just trying to get ahead of the curve a little to see if someone already knows. Notice not a lot of talk about them:confused: I don't need info on BS cause I have a special needs situation on my 60. Since installing the suspension and Ford shock towers the articulation is great enough that a 10.50 will hit the shock body at full stuff so I need to move it out to about 2-2.5" BS to run 10.50's. But as most of you know the BS is only a small part of the equation. I have 16x7 Uniques now that clear everything but have a BS of 4" which places the tire to far in, I can run them on the road but not wheel it! And I don't want to run spacers! As usual, like everyone else, looking for the right combo:hmm::cheers:
I suspect that the BS won't be the clearance issue, it will be the shape of the wheel centers. Depending on how deeply they are coined, the ribs around the holes may rub on the caliper body. If they have to reverse the rim's drop-center there may be a rubbing issue with the drop on the top-outer edge of the caliper, but I'd really expect the first rub to be the ribs around the center's holes.
THX all so far. Yes I know my concern is the wheel center and the angle of the flange the holes are located in. Marsh is good enough to just tack a center on one wheel with the back set I want to use for a tester:) which I think is cool. The only $ out I would be is shipping if it does not work, not bad considering I want 5.

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