anyone put a rear seat facing backwards?

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May 28, 2008
Badger, Minnesota
it is so hard to climb into the back from the front doors. i am thinking bout getting a seat out of a minivan or something along those lines and putting it facing backwards so people can crawl through the back. anyone do this? i don't have any seats in the back right now but i like to take older people out and it would be too hard to get in the back seat by crawling through the front.
i've seen it done with a front bench...put in the rear and facing the rear and two small jump seats pushed in the rear made for a very tight fiting 8 passenger :)

sorry no pics...i believe the truck was in western ny/pa border area?
i gotta do some measuring for a seat. first i got 2 8 inch sub speakers i have laying aroung going right behind my front buckets then i wanna turn one backwards. i am gonna mount a diamond plate box on the one fender well and i might get one for the other side as well to hold important stuff like tow straps snatch blocks tools and whatnot. i also use my cruiser for deer hunting and it would be nice to be able to still throw them huge 50 pound bambies that i shoot in the back :)

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