Anyone know the height and width of radiator

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Apr 26, 2003
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ANYONE KNOW THE HEIGHT AND WIDTH OF RADIATOR IN A FJ60 LOOKIN AT DUEL ELECTRIC FANS .. also anyone runnin them on a Vortec ??? how do they work and what did you use
I am running the stock FJ60 radiator with my 383 TBI. Its marginal for cooling. It works fine most of the time but on long climbs the engine temp starts to climb and a once in a while I have to wait for it to cool down. I am thinking of cutting the front out so I can put in the Chevy radiator that was matched to the 350 when it was in the 88' Suburban. From memory I believe the radiator is the same height but wider by about 2".
dual electric fans

you looking for something like this?

1999 5.7 Vortec, dual fans (new) from a Ford Contur / bought pigtails too / Rock Auto

I run two SPAL electric fan relays setups , with a switch that mounts in teh RH cylinder head. Fans on at 200F and off at 180 approx.

I also run a 180 degree thermostat from a 1995 Z28, without issue. If you run the 195 t stat the thermostat will not let the engne cool off below 195.

Radiator is from MAF.

Don't have the A/C going yet, but truck will run around 185 to 190 going down the hwy at 70 or so. Temps cycle from 200 to around 180. If you wanted better
control over the fans you might want to run one of the controllers. I had the older SPAL fan controaller for a while until it screwed up. I see where SPAL came out with at new (re-designed fan controller). Most of the controllers will run the fans or one fan at variable speed up to 100% depending on the will also control one fan with just simple on / off. I may go back to the SPAL controller later on but for now I just run the "on-off" setup.
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there are a couple of other threads that talk about same kind of setup. I think some guys are running the "DC-Controller" brand. I'm waiting to hear what some will say based on long term use. If you had a good controller you could manage the emps better, based on the variable speed concept. I think a number of people have had problems with the various controllers. On the newer style vortecs you can controll the fans on-off through the PCM. Even though I run the dual ford fan setup (because it almost fits perfectly), will also fit the OEM radiator fine... SPAL makes a good product, at least in the fans. I'm going to see what some others have to say about the long term use of the SPAL fan controller before I go back to using one of those.

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