Anyone have a dual battery and AHC?

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Jun 22, 2006
I believe a traditional dual battery install on a 100 uses the space where the AHC reservoir is located. Christo did a dual battery on an 100 with AHC with two smaller batteries, I believe.

Can a dual battery with full two full sized batteries be done on an 100 with AHC?
Can it be done......yes, but it wont be easy and you probably wont be able to get the second battery under the hood.

Those things that you believe about dual batteries are actually true BTW

IMO I would get a group 31 marine battery........its not as good as a true dual battery setup, but I think its the next best thing. I plan on getting one once my current battery quits. If/when I scrap AHC, then I will go with a true dual battery setup.
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This would be the most :grinpimp: way to do it but not cheap. I priced the parts new at around $800 plus the cost of the 2nd battery bracket. I have not been able to find it used. These airboxes are standard on Australian and Middle East Petrol 100's.

My other idea is to modify an 80 series cyclonic airbox to fit. It is a better unit than our US market rectangular airbox too.


Photo credit goes to Mooooo.
Euro diesel 100s come with dual battery and AHC as standard. Mine is like that.
Yes, same style but not a direct fit for our 2UZ-FE motor. I wish it was though as it would be easier to source used.

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