Anyone have a 60 series relay rod laying around?

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Nov 28, 2006
Leesport, PA
The relay rod ends on my 60 are shot, the one that connects the pitman arm is all but falling off. I tried to get a rod end kit from, but they are on backorder. Anyone have a spare relay rod with decent rod ends on it by chance? I'm not even driving this thing until I get the rod ends fixed.
ha crap, oh well. I'm guessing finding one with good rod ends is going to be tough right? From a post on the 60's section, it looks like I can get a whole new one for about $160. Just thought maybe someone had one with good ends laying around.
My son should have one but I don't know the condition of the ends. Let me know if you're interested and I'll ask him to check.
I got a set of 555 ends on order from cruiser outfitters. If they don't work out too well I will let you know. Thanks.
Ok i have setup used for sure but it appears to be tigh and needs grease call me 215 760 3363 aaron .

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