Anyone done a SAS on a Tundra?

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Feb 8, 2006
Ball Ground, GA
I have an 02 Sequoia and hope to do a SAS at some point soon!:D
Just wondering if anyone has done the SAS on a Tundra/Sequoia and what axle was used?

I know the 80 axle would be a good choice but to narrow!:frown:

Any :idea:'s?
Check out It's been done several times, and looks sick.
I'm guessing not with Toyota axle's though.

Last one I saw was a D44, and its gear was off by a minuscule amount.......but off none the less.

In an emergency, hard surface situation, I'd H8 to know that much more bind is on my front end. And, I'm a purist, Asin for me THX.
Joey Garcia of San Antonio Texas has done a SAS on his Tundra. He used diamond 60's. If you look up there may be some links to it.

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