anybuddy got a big scanner?

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Apr 24, 2003
Southwest Oregon
I need access to an 11x17 scanner or bigger to get from ink to hi-tech. hit me up tonight or give me a number to call tomorrow. I need to get the artwork done and ready for the T-shirt guy..
Yes, but Im in Kfalls tomorrow and won't make to the scanner in Ashland until Tues/Wed at the earliest.
If nothing shows up, just go use a Kinko's or similar... Get a receipt and the club will reimburse you. :cheers: No sense dragging this out :D

That is totally doable- I ended up at the builder's exchange and they were OK, I forgot about Kinko's- Staples didn't have a big enough scanner last time and it is too hard to draw 8.5x11--

I think Jesse, Carlos and Pighead will really like the shirts this year. ;)

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