Anybody with chromium plating experience?

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Mar 31, 2003
Chattavegas, TN
Since I can't find a replacement for my well worn '67 F rocker shafts, I plan to grind them down back to a true round state and then have a couple of .001"s chromed. Then we'll grind/ polish them back down to their max dimension. Hopefully being better than new.

Has anyone had any experiences or have any insight into this before I start?
That plating can't be significantly thick enough to grind again. How worn are they? What is the specifications in the service manual?
The manual has the limits at 18.475-18.493.
The smallest diameter measures 18.400.
That means I need a layer of chrome at least 0.0375mm (.0015"). We could probably get around .002" coverage.
The main problem is that the bushings are worn and I can't find replacements so I need the shaft as large/ smooth as possible. I looked at having them made but they have a elliptical oil groove which would be tricky.
Any ideas?
Brog, you understand that the service manual tolerance gives you a window of .0007" on diameter of the shaft to nail that specification. Be sure that the shop you are taking it to is truly competent to perform such an operation. Consider also the measurement of the bushing as well. Are they in specification? How even is the wear? Those numbers are too much to ask of most pin gages. Pin gages are in the range of .0002" from the nominal size listed on them and either come plus or minus the number stated on them by .0002. Is the shop where your engine block stored at 68 degrees? That ensures accuracy. Suppose that you invest money and effort to put the the shaft is within specification. Well now your bushing shaft combination might lead to issues because the bushing had uneven wear not noticable to the machininst. Tell them that your machinist buddy wants to know what methods they are using to measure and what they plan to do to correct these numbers and get back with me.

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