Anybody using the FRAM oil filter?

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Feb 28, 2003
I got the one from the manual at Wally World, and it is MUCHO smaller than the one that was on there prior. Which filter is everyone going with?
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IMO, Fram makes the most useless junk filter ever.

either ...
A> spring for the factory Toyota one or
B> use a NAPA Gold / WIX filter

(having an opinionated day...hehehe)
What's wrong with the FRAM filters? just asking because I recently put on my 80 and it was MUCH larger than the factory one. &nbsp:Don't know much about oil filters. Oh and I'm not saying bigger is better, well not in this situation :D.
the filtration properties and bypass valve on the NAPA Gold/Wix filter is of higher quality...Toyota filters are also top quality.

There was a test done by someone and linked online a few years ago...they went thru dozens of filter brands and after so many miles, cut them apart and inspected for filtation qualities and build quality. The Wix (rebadged as NAPA Gold) was one of the highest rated.
NOTE: Personal opinion to follow:

I would use a Fram it I HAD to change my oil RIGHT NOW (say went for a swim or such) and I had no other alternative. I would replace it with an OEM filter as soon as I was able to do so. The same goes for oil , any port in a storm they say.
That's what I was figuring. What's the price check on the Toyota filter. I'll add a couple to my order, Dan. (It's coming, I promise.)

:D :D
You have 3 choices

15600-41010, large original filter, list $12.33
90915-20004, small Japanese filter. list $9.62
90915-YZZB5, small US sourced filter, list $5.41

Most seem to prefer the 90915-20004. It's not as messy as the 15600-41010 and is a higher quality filter than the 90915-YZZB5.
Go to google and search for ...

oil filter comparison

Bottom Line........ Fram = Crap!
I tried to get a TRD filter the last time I changed my oil but low and behold it is a special order item...around $13.00. So on went the K&N again.

Got one on the way, I'm gonna hack it up soon as I get it.

Aren't you supposed to be in Social Studies right now?..... :p
Damn !! Busted again! :(

BTW, I sent you an e-mail, earlier.
(search feature is not working for me?)
looking for the part # for the PHH, figured I would bring one along on my road trip.
FWIW I think the NAPA oil filters are made by Wix. I have a dealer in the are that just sells batteries and Wix filters. The Wix numbers and the NAPA numbers used to be the same with one digit added i.e. NAPA 5528 - Wix 55528. Wix prices are 1/3 less that NAPA.

It's a 99556-30100. It is basicly a 4 inch piece of 5/8 heater hose that you cut to 50mm +/-. If I was you, I would get me a piece of 5/8 silicone hose and some LINED worm drive clamps. Silicone hose will live a bunch longer in that very unfriendly environment. Use lined clamps because silicone hose cuts easily. plain clamps will damage the hose.

>> ... figured I would bring one [PHH] along on my road trip. <<

My recommendation would be to also get a 2 foot section of 5/8" heater (or fuel) hose if you want something for an emergency roadside repair, plus the 2 special "lined" hose clamps (NAPA has them.) Get a pliable hose, not the stiff NAPA red.

If you lose the PHH on the road then an easier repair would be to bypass the metal section and go directly from the nipple on the engine up to the heater valve.

how does Quaker State filters rank among them? thanks for the info. 88 fj62 3fe w 201k
Hey landtoy, im using a FRAM right now actually. I manly got it because they didn't have anything else where I got my oil from. i changed the oil with 10w-30 umm that High-Milage oil. And I got a FRAM because it was there. I guess next time I will have to get one from Toyota. One thing I do like about fram is that sandpaper grip on the edge. Really helps when your hand is soaked in oil and the wrench is about useless for getting it tight in that samll space.
Jon, you don't have high mileage, yet. I tried Val high mi oil and it did nothing for the fj60. I then went to Mobil semi syn. The high mi oil had seal swellers in them, if I have a leak I just fix it. I didn't find any reason to pay the $$ for it. The Toyota dealer I used many years ago told me that Fram had to buy a new motor as their filter failed :mad: I don't know if he was just trying to sell me a Toyota filter or was teling the truth :-/

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