Any Redline users?

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Oct 8, 2003
Just wondering if anyone is using Redline synthetics in their diffs? It's time to change out the junk in mine, and I'm wondering if I should use their regular 75-90 or the Extra Heavy Shockproof, which supposedly has the viscosity of a 75-90 but the protection of a 75-250.
I've been using the Extra Heavy Shockproof in my Harley's transmission with excellent results, but...

any ideas?
Nope, but I have some sitting on the shelf. Seems to be holding up well, if that helps.


On a serious note, I will be using it in the tranny/t-case, but not the diffs. Mainly for the synchro's. I plunked some Chevron Synth in the diffs last time around.

Thanks for the help :grinpimp:
but did you get regular or EH Shockproof?!
bj70_guy said:
Thanks for the help :grinpimp:
but did you get regular or EH Shockproof?!

Is there two? Probably the regular then; the one that has the additive for the synchros...

Pleasure...with help like that...anytime:D

oil additive

Greg_B said:
Is there two? Probably the regular then; the one that has the additive for the synchros...

There is the possibility of making the oil too slippery for the syncros.....

I have saw cases where syncro grind was caused by too slippery oil not allowing the syncros to do their job.

I am an advocate of no additives in a syncronized transmission, just nice clean oil every 60k or so.

Just my 2c

We both still have our 74s and have both settled on using cheap wal mart oil in the diffs and T case (change em out often) but use Redline MT-90 in the H55F as it's a proper GL4 and makes a noticeable difference in shifting.

We've occasionally added some Moly Slip additive to the diffs/t case but I've been doing that less often these days.
👆 with the addition that I run MT-90 in the t-case as well. More to help with whine of the Marks gears in the t-case. It's empirical for the t-case, but maybe it's just my hearing changing. Big difference in shifting for my H55F. Your experience may vary.


Strange location for this thread. Though I suppose the BJ74 might be considered camping and outdoor gear.
When I started this thread 13 years ago I don't think there even was a Camping and Outdoor Gear section, so there's been a strange migration somewhere along the line.
I put Redline in diffs and transfer case last time in my 98 LX470 and it made no difference whatsoever. It is just not needed for this application. I am switching over the Walmart dino gear oil going forward.

Now my BMW e60 is a totally different application altogether. I only put Redline in diff, manual gearbox and the transfer case

Land Cruiser stock in trade is low stress parts, minimal requirements. The cheap stuff, changed at frequent intervals, works fine.

I run inexpensive but high quality lubes in my differentials, but it's changed every 2 years, and often under 10,000 miles. The most important thing is to change differential oil every time you might have water contamination issues. Current favorite is the Delogear lube from Chevron that you get at AutoZone. It's a high tech lube at a low tech price. I also like the 5 gallon buckets of gear lube from AutoZone and WalMArt.. You can change every wheeling trip and still not break the bank.
I run Mobil Delvac 9-140W in my diffs in both the 40 and 200. I have ARB lockers so wanted a good quality lube without the LS that isnt good for seals

Red Line is good stuff and ran that in my old 40. Hard to really tell the difference as long as you are using the correct weight and a quality product which there are a lot out there

Note sure why thisis in the Camping section so I will move it

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