Any events?

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Oct 19, 2010
Hey guys im in edmonton, is there any wheeling/offroading events with landcruiser and whatnot this summer? Id really like to meet some people and go through some bush.
so 38 people have landcruisers in/around edmonton and noone does take it offroading or knows of any decent events/clubs....sad.
Events? Here? Not really.
We go out alot near rocky mountain house quite a bit... The wheeling is fantastic.
Cadomin , ruby falls, bruele/Hinton , nordegg, ... Etc. The is alot of places to go, just nothing really near by except the Safai Park ( Sherwood park area ) and another one near stony plain. Garden valley road , and rr 22.... 900m south

To be honest, I have not met alot of people the go out and have a bit of fun. The ones I do know and go out with are very knowledgeable and fantastic off roaders. It makes a huge difference when you are in the middle of nowhere and can fully trust the people you are with.
it looks like there might be something at the bottom of 199St for really close to town. Has anyone been there?
i just would like to go wheeling with some other people who share the love for these machines. Dont really wanna go hang out with a bunch of jeep owners.
I looked at some trails on google maps. 199 St. 105Ave. Leduc off 43rd, bruderheim, and Vega. Bruderheim and Vega look like fair sized areas but with no one else and no time I just went down 199 St. with my year old this morning. "I want to mudding daddy!" Ha! There is a few truck trails and quad trails there. Some small gravel hills. Should be a bit along the river once the water level goes down. Biggest disappointment was the amount of garbage being left in the biggest clearing, I guess that's to be expected so close to the city.
I have been on the 199st trail area. I had a blast a few weekends ago.
It's been lately a last minute deal, and often ends with a fire on the river edge.
I ran into some kids throwing a big party at the site that Phoenix60 mentioned being messy.
Sorry guys, prepare for Events out the Wazoo the beast it back and better than ever. Now that I am not living in a shop getting my truck back together the wheeling can start. Any events that anyone would like to organize just let me know.

A picture of a slightly modified Tacoma ha ha


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