Any Aussies who have replaced their NAV/Climate control with aftermarket options?

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Thanks Willyroo, I’ve sourced the same pieces from a seller in the UK but my XTRONS headunit seems to be double DIN + 2mm so it’s all pretty tight, when it’s all together I’ll need to modify them or source slightly smaller ones I think (apparently this is common on Chinese head units for some reason)


Completed my Teyes CC3 install into a RHD UK 100 VX 1HD-FTE with loads of help from @cryptyk and @wildsmith - thanks guys. I'll try write it up and add pics for anyone interested. All working bar CD player (haven't tried tape deck) but not terribly fussed. Great to have a decent screen now with more modern interface and capability. Added in a USB based DAB+ device which works well. Next will be a USB based TPMS system. Still to finish replacing the OEM reverse camera - one for next weekend.
Bit the bullet and decided to give this one more try and ordered the G6 unit from Phoenix, after sending them photos, descriptions of my vehicle, specs etc. They said that their unit would be compatible with mine so I skeptically believed them and sent off. Figured, worst case scenario, I would just send it back like I did with the other one. Still waiting on refund for that after two and half months.

Got it this week and installed it yesterday and holy hell, it worked....pretty much...

My first concern was the climate control and it was fine. Fan, heat, cooling, different modes all worked. Though, this morning, I tried the mirror defrost and the rear window defrost and neither of those worked. Not as concerned about those but would like them back so I will send a note to Phoenix and see what they say.

No sound either at first until I opened up the "Console" icon and played around with some settings and I got sound. Only out of the right side speakers though so not sure what the issue is there. Maybe my left side speakers are screwed or I didn't plug something in correctly? i am going to continue to play around with it.

Bluetooth, Carplay, GPS all work well though other than the weird sound thing.

I got a backup camera with it and in the middle of installing that after watching some videos online but I have already screwed that up. Didnt' wire it into the reverse lights (thought that the rev would be triggered by the ecu into the head unit but have found the hard way that it does actually need the reverse lights.) That sucks since the reverse lights are not in the tailgate so now gotta fish it into the rear fender for the connection. I hate electrical. The other thing I am not sure of is there are two "Camera" RCA plugs and two "Back" wires so, not 100% sure which ones are correct. WOrry about that after I get the wiring done on the reverse lights.

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