Another Toyota! 67 FJ40 new project

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Feb 9, 2004
Cool Comfy AZ
Looked for a project (affordable) FJ40 and finally found one. All (mostly) original rust-free (mostly) hardtop. Not running yet. Front end is a disc-brake axle with shackle reversal and is a mess. Bent tie-rods, brakes disconnected, no shocks...

Rear is spring-over 🤷‍♂️ stock-looking springs.

Looks like most of it is there. Came with a 2nd trans and xfer. 3-speed converted to floor shift. Both heaters. Oh and the original Toyota trouble light.

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Yes, I treated it to a freshly-redone set of welded Toyota 15" wheels with new hubcaps. Because why not?

Marvel Mystery Oil has been added to each cylinder of the hasn't run since 1998 engine.

Since I'm in no hurry, and there are 2 flipping projects ahead of it, I'll get to it.
Other than preservation, not going to do anything to the paint and patina. Just get it running and driving and steering and stopping.
Looks like a good base.
Yeah so far so good kinda. There was a ton of parts in the back when I got it. Rear lights, heaters, spring hanger pieces and parts (maybe they were planning on undoing the shackle reversal, it's my plan since the front hangers were only bolted on), a full set of OG chrome hubcaps (but not the older '67 versions, sadly). I was really hoping for an owners' manual but nope.
bezel alert . . .
A shackle reverse lifts the front end. Moving the rear to a spring over was probably an easy cheap way to even out the back.

Think some of the original style hub caps repos are still around. Bought a set of fronts open for lock out hubs. All mine with holes were hand cut.
I fixed the bezel .0001 seconds after it hit the driveway.

Agreed on the SR, but it sits like the worst stinkbug ever. Maybe they thought doing the SO in the rear would level it. SO and long shackles... I never really was impressed with it on my '71, so I plan to put it back to stock. Same for the rear.
The top seems a bit off is it bolted on or? Looks very solid!!
The top seems a bit off is it bolted on or? Looks very solid!!

No, just sitting there. There's some of those soft top strap loops bolted to the tub where to top sits. Working out a way to get the top off enough to remove them.
Is that an original Pollux Orange 40? Code 304?
Is that an original Pollux Orange 40? Code 304?

No idea. It's been repainted maybe but the inside of the doors and hood a pretty bright. How can I pull a color code on that old of a cruiser?
If you don't want to spend the dime on springs and shocks yet, I have a set of Ranchos you can play with.
Someone gave them to me, I'd be more than happy to find a home for them.
Haha funny you should mention that. Just noticed there's no rear shocks, either... 🤦‍♂️

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