another tire thread :P

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Apr 10, 2004
san pancho, ca
You guys may have read my other thread on gear selection when running 35s...

here's how she normally sits around town:
33x10.5 on disc cruiser wheels...did my 1st Rubithon (3 years ago) in these:


here's the new beadlock set, with 285/75R16s...did Rubithon last year in these:


Here are the new tires I hope to do Rubithon with next year (riding shotgun this year):



A fellow cruiserhead borrowed two of my beadlock wheels for some testing...should get them back in a week or so.

looking forward to seeing how they work with my suspension (and the new gears) :)

Keep you guys posted,
took almost all day to remove the old 285s and install the 315s :frown:

off with the old, air-ratchet is your friend.


on with the new, torqued @10 lbs



I like :cool:

didn't make it to the tire shop in time to have them aired/balanced...
next weekend :)
didn't make it to the tire shop in time to have them aired/balanced...

my favorite part.....


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Good luck with all that.

How tall are those 315 BFG's then? 34 or 35? They look good for the rocks.
Your Coopers don't look like they had much wear to them? How did those hold up?
315/75R16's are the new BFG MT design -km2s...the are comparable to 35x12.5s

I like the Discoverer STT Coopers, picked them up from a guy that wanted to switch to an AT tire.
Cooper Tires - -

They are going to become my DD tire, just waiting on a set of 16" wheels.

16x7 with BS = 3 1/8"
U.S. Wheel 70-7760-SPEC - U.S. Wheel Custom Order Dropship Only Wheels -

The 5(new spare) 33x10.5 MTs with disc-brake cruiser-wheels might find there way to the
classified section...currently holding them for orangefj45.
Looks good Manny!!
If Georg does'nt take the 33's hit me up.I may be interested.
Who you riding with on Rubithon?
thanks Ken.

Greg is driving this year - Pighead
do you have a ride?

your project is lookn :cool:
I'm hoping to supply my own ride but the way things are going I'm not too sure if I'll make it.
I need to keep an ear open for an open seat.
Nice Manny. Goin for the t-biatch spot this year huh ? hope that black 55 has A/C.
I guess I little anxious to get them mounted last week, as the tire-shop was unable to balance them :(

Re-centered the tires a second time, which meant another 3+hrs.
Had other stuff going on I'll try the tire-shop again next WE.

through two on the truck for a quick pic...


I like :)


I know the BL wheels can be balanced, as I didn't have a problem with the 285s...
keeping fingers Xd :rolleyes:
new tires are one of lifes greatest pleasures. Big KNOBBYs rule.
why not use dyna beads to balance them?
How do the "Dynabeeds" work for on road use?
I have the beads in my DD Dodge Ram with 33x12.5017 MTs and it rides smooth down the road. No vibrations even at highway speeds. Check out this site it has lots of good info.

Tire Balancing Products
Usually the Taller guys are runnin beads...local shop won't balance ;p

the issue I had, there was a noticeable high-spot when on the balancing machine.
don't think any amount of beads would have helped.

making sure your tire is center, center, center (on the wheel) is key.
I believe nicer Beadlock wheels have a centering-ring, not DIYs.

2nd time is a charm, right...don't want there to be a 3rd time ;p
had to ask?

been considering the dyna beads... they claim that the beads will give you an even amount of wear on the tire...

they make them for everything now... motorcycles ect.....

that you never will worry about losing a wheel weight....
Paying more attention when mounting the 2nd time payed-off, wheels are balanced.
really happy with how they turned out :D


since the 33s are sold, I needed to start on my new dd wheels.

add some etching solution (remembered to wear gloves this time):


a coat of primer, and two coats of finish:


going to rattle-can the inside...

size? 16x7 with 3 1/8th BS

really happy with how they turned out :D


..on my new dd wheels.

add some etching solution (remembered to wear gloves this time):

Very nice Mr_Manny :cheers:

On those dd's.. what solution did you use? I have a 5 set of those and each has notible rust tracks from the PO letting it sit. I like your idea since it looks like they clean up nicely. But what type of paint did you go with and will it hold up beyond the 12 month gaurantee :hillbilly:
The solution you see is etching solution.
Due to the custom BS, the wheels arrived bare-metal.
Etching solution improves the surface for primer to grab onto = better results

I did the same to the beadlock wheels currently sporting 35s.

The paint is automotive paint, I picked up from my local napa autoparts store.
color = storm gray

I'm not a professional painter by any means, but have had good results from simple single-stage paint :D

Recently returned from out of town...tomorrow I will be mounting the 285s, and storing the beadlocks for my next off-road opportunity.

Did I already state how much I like the 35s :D

My beadlock thread is below:

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