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Jan 19, 2003
OK. I stole the title from a previous post. Here
is my sound:

On acceleration, I get a driveline "tap" that sounds
like it is coming from the rear. If I decelerate and
mildly speed back up, I can hear it. It only happens
once. On takeoff, let off the clutch and tap, just once.
If I am real smooth, no tap.

U-joints appear OK. &nbsp:Driveshaft bolts tight. Pinion
has no slop and only about 5 degrees of radial
play. If I rotate the driveshaft back and forth
while I am under the cruiser, I think I can hear
the noise coming from the 3rd member. Is this
tap the slap of the ring hitting the pinion?
Could it be wear between the pinion spacer and
the rod that travels through it? Should I go
to the trouble of pulling the differential cover
to take a look?

Oh yea. My driveshaft is out of phase because
some careless mechanic left it that way about
two months ago and I have not fixed it. I
don't think that this is contributing to the


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Jan 15, 2002
Toquerville UT
It may not be the problem, but it's 4 bolts and 15 minutes to fix that slip yoke issue, and until you've eliminated that, the problem may continue.

How are the d-shaft splines? Out of phase d-shafts will speed wear greatly.

Does it go away after braking ie: pads seating/shoe springs no longer hitting...etc...
Jan 19, 2003
Hey Woody:

It may not have explained myself. It does not "go
away" as it only happens once in a given acceleration-
deceleration cycle; it's like some slack in the
drivetrain is taken up and the tap won't happen
again until I take the torque off the drive train.
Does this make any sense at all? I will put the
driveshaft back right this weekend. I am damn sure
pissed at the mechanic who left it that way. I would
name names but that's not my style. How should
I check for wear in the driveshaft splines?
Jan 3, 2003
McCall, ID
What you describe sure sounds like a worn u-joint to me: it is a familiar sound. Probably could be other things, too. Just my thought.
Jan 19, 2003
Post script:

This weekend I took my driveshaft out. Both U-joints
were fine. I put the driveshaft back into phase and
re-greased the splines. I reinstalled the driveshaft
and added about 1 pint of oil to the differential. The
tap has dissappeared. If I had to guess, I would say
that the bolts were a bit loose and that the tap
I was hearing was the driveshaft moving on the
transfer case output shaft at the parking brake.

Some mechanic has replaced my driveshaft to pinion
bolts with home depot grade stuff, claiming that the
correct bolts are no longer available from Toyota.

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