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Jun 8, 2006
S.E. Tennessee
The kids rented a movie "The Mist" I sat down and watched it with them and low and behold there is a PIG in this flick. Not just one shot ,but many ! Shots of the interior, dash, shots of the back, side, front, rusty top, inside shots of being driven and the play in the steering. The movie sucks, but worth the watch for a pig at the first and end of the movie.

There should be a sticky for Pig sightings.
Hi Hatchman--I think some have mentioned The Mist before--I haven't seen it yet but search the mist and maybe it will find that thread with other pig sightings-Good eye!!!:)
Not only that the main character actually mentions "my land cruiser..." I believe Stephen King has had other land cruisers in his movies. I'm almost positive the sheriff in "The Storm of the Century" drives a FJ60.
I am Sorry, but I agree the movie sucked, big time

Well, I have read about the 55 in (The Mist) from prior posts. But I hate to tell ya in the book it is a Scout. I watched the movie and it is a nice pre 75 FJ 55. But the book was much better than the movie. Who ever made the movie totally changed the ending and piss:mad: me off. Oh Well, If ya get a chance read the book, just toss the movie in the garbage after you see the 55. I should have stayed in the shop and worked on my 40, because the movie was a waste of money. Hope someone saves money from this reply....... :mad:
While this thread is at its end and the fact this belongs in chat, I have to mention the film adaptations of S.K. which merit include:
Stand By Me
The Shawshank Redemption
(both very much loved films by many) and
The Green Mile which has quite a following:popcorn:

but yes I do agree, most suck
Since I'm bored and waiting for some help from the board I figured I would surf a bit. I'm pretty sure someone has already mention this movie but if not I thought this would be a good place to add it in
"Knocked Up". A red and white 55 is chill'N in the scenes at the house, mainly the ping pong match.
Go ahead and tell me it's already been mentioned.
I was half-ass watching some TV last night and a Macdonald's chicken comercial was on and at the end there is a blond sitting in a white 55. All you can see is the side vent,window, maybe a little door. It happens fairly quick, so keep your eye out.
spotted on the early show this morning...a nice blue/white pig hauling supplies in myanmar.
Spotted a Piggy today in a new McDonalds comercial while watching an NBA game. It shows the hood and windsheid area. I was freakin' out and the family was looking at me like WTF. Kinda funny.
Saw the movie "Night of the Comet" a few nights ago on MGMHD I believe. There was a nice grey and white pig with stock wheels and hubcaps. Of course they blew it up at the end.
I watched 'Knocked Up' last pig in that movie also. :)
Funny Movie.
Im sure that pig is owned as a prop, as i have seen what looks to be the same one in "The lost Boys" and also "50 First Dates"
From what I recall, Terry/Arthog owned that 69 from "The Lost Boys" (before or after the making of the movie? - I do not know)
Some good footage of that pig in the movie though..... a red/white 55 is in the movie "Dogtown/the Z Boys" as well - where a rock gets thrown through its windshield.....repost material:meh:
You guys did see the pig in Deja Vu with Denzel Washington? ;p

I loved all the screen play the pig in The Mist got. I was in heaven.
"And the Pigs shall inherit the Earth!"

Yes their popularity rises. Just wait, and mark my word. Before to long a pig will become a status symbol. Land Rover on one side of the garage and a Pig on the other. :grinpimp:

In the movie Deja Vu there is an FJ55 on the fairy. I cant remember if it is forward or aft. But pigheads wont miss it. All you need see is a section of door, or angle of a window. They show it through out the movie during all fairy scenes.
Search turned this thread up so I’m resurrecting it for another film: Angels Hard as they Come, 1971. It’s a biker exploitation flick starring a very young Scott Glenn and Gary Busey. Look for a nice green/white 55 at the 57:00 mark. The biker character commanders a guy’s “camper” in the desert.

A side note on Stephen King: he’s known to be a scout fan and they pop up in his stories and films (Maximum Overdrive comes to mind, as does the short story One for the Road). Richard Dreyfus drives an old Land Rover in Stand By Me, and although I don’t recall any Scout in the novella The Body it’s based on, I doubt it’s coincidence.

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