Another moon roof removal question

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Nov 13, 2010
I've recently pulled the interior and headliner and looking to take the moon roof out prior to dealing with the factory roof rack rust. Is it possible to remove the moon roof by just pulling the pan and whole assembly out without messing with removing the glass and all the other parts? Obviously would need to disconnect the motor and drains but if I can take out the assemly as a whole it would make things easier.

moon roof 1.jpg

moon roof 2.jpg

Take off those brackets, unhook the 4 hoses, unhook the electrical connectors for the dome light and the motor and down it comes! It is heavier on the glass end and awkward when looking up at it and trying to drop it gently.

When you have it off, clean it and lube it before reinstalling (if you go that route)
Awesome, thanks for the help. Was hoping that would be the case instead of having to take out the glass separately. Didn't want to deal with losing shims and re-aligning everything.
It makes it easier if someone is around to help; getting the brackets, unhooking everything, it’s more than a two handed job ! Very easy and doable with the headliner out. Take your time and ‘maintenance’ everything while you’re in there.
Removing the glass is super easy should you change your mind. The shims aren’t tricky at all.
take plenty of pics so easier to put back together. Check and test your drain tubes and ensure water coming out ok

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