Another fuse question

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Nov 16, 2004
NRV of Virginia
I am away from the 100 right now and am trying to diagnose over the phone. Which fuse controls the power outlets in the vehicle? All three are out, but the cig. lighter still works fine, no power at dash, in console or in the back at the tailgate. Supposedly they all "look" fine and were even swapped around to try and eliminate the bad fuse.

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15A PWR OUTLET, kick panel, controls all
Just replaced with a good fuse, no power..................................????
You have to have the key on to ACCESSORY for the ACC relay to feed it

It gets its feed from the 50A ACC fuse in the main box under the hood
Blown fuses, I inherited a bunch of odds and ends and one was a little bag of fuses ( a little bag of blown fuses) I just never looked close. :idea: Sometimes I am my own worst enemy!

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