An easy question that it seems no one knows the answer to...

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Jun 6, 2011
West Jordan, Utah
Hi, I've serached all over and can't find an answer to what I would think would be a simple question:

How do you remove the power seat control module from the side of the front seats of 80 series LCs? Do you have to remove the entire seat?

Thanks in advance to anyone that knows...

Also, Does anyone know where a new power seat control module can be found and how much they are? Does the dealer carry them?
Hi there, I'm pretty sure there is no power seat "control module" on an 80. Power and ground go directly to the switch, and from the switch to the motors. What kind of problem are you having?
Right, the switches and motors are all right there on the seats and each function is independent. A problem description would be helpful.
So the problem I'm having is that my seats won't move backward when the switch is pressed. I've read a bunch of stuff on here about how the plastic gears wear out, and the plastic screw on the seat motor drive comes loose and can fall out which can lead to the gears getting stripped. However, I don't think this is the problem since when I bypassed the switch (I ran 12V directly to the seat motor) they moved backward just fine. I'm almost 100% sure that it is the switch that needs to be replaced. Sorry about calling it a module, it really is just the switches that need to be removed and replaced (I'm new to LCs), and so far I can't find anywhere how to do this. I can take the switch knobs and the cover plate off, but then it seems like I would have to rip the leather up in order to get to the switches since on the backside it is encased in metal from the seat.

Thanks in advance for any help!
if the seat moves when bypassing the switch, then it is not the gears. when you get the cover off the whole switch assembly can be removed and you can check it out. the hardest part is the cover.
I had my passenger seat out just last week to fix the exact problem you described, with the screw backing out and allowing the gear to move out of place, causing the gear to strip. I didn't get involved with the switches so I can't tell you if there is an easy way to remove them, but hopefully whatever part you have to replace is less expensive than that little gear carrier.
Just run the 12V to get the seat to the desired position and then take the knob off. Problem solved! Just kidding...
Good luck with your fix. My driver seat doesn't work perfectly either but doesn't bother me too much because it's set correctly. As long as another driver doesn't adjust the seat, I'm good to go.
Thanks a Lot for that link. I searched all over and never found that thread. Good stuff. It looks like I do have to remove or loosen the leather in order to get the switch out, which I was hoping to avoid, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do I guess:meh:.
Search for user cruiserdan. That guy has everything.

:hmm: not sure but I am thinking cdan & beno are hooked up at a dealer. Definitely they can help you with part numbers/prices
about $100 last time i checked into the price of the switch panel.
Junk yards are great for little things like this.

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