Amp meter With 350?

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Oct 2, 2004
White Mtns. AZ
So can I use my factory guage with a tbi conversion? This measures amps not volts correct?

The alt. on the 350 looks like it uses a singe wire to supply a reading to the voltmeter on the factory gm setup.
Yes you can use your ammeter with it, yes it measures amps not volts. My 3 wire GM alt has one small wire that's supposed to go to a volt light in the dash but it's not hooked up. The main wire just charges the battery and the other little wire senses voltage in the system to correctly regulate it.

On my 40 all the power coming from the battery runs across the ammeter, thereby measuring all the amps being used, then goes it's way to the fuse panel etc... This does not give you an indication of an alternator failure however which is what the light is for, so you'll just have to use your headlights as a charging system failure indicator.

So yes you can still use the ammeter because it's separate from the charging system. But it'd be a good idea to get either the volt light or just change to a voltmeter altogether.

I'm guessing your old meter is reading volts. Ma mopar was the last of the big three to use apm guages. I've seen a couple of good trucks go up in smoke as a result. The problem with a true amp guage is the amount of power going throught the system; make sure you use good dependable wiring if you go that route.

(edit)- My bad; I thought you were reffering to a guage that came with the engine. Disregard any nonsense.

I'm using aftermarket v meter in mine.
It depends on what alternator you are using. I wouldn't use the stock wiring for anything over 60 amps, bacause the wiring is a little too small to handle over that.

You can modify the stock meter to double its capacity by simply adding an additional shunt from an extra meter across the meter terminals and then running larger gauge wire between the alternator, meter and battery.
Pin_Head said:
You can modify the stock meter to double its capacity by simply adding an additional shunt from an extra meter. . .
Geez Loueeze you just pulled a very long-lived thorn from my side. ;p A simple way to double the capacity WITHOUT having to measure very low impedance accurately, which can get expensive I've been told. Thanks:beer:
Thanks for the Advice Hawk....;)

I have plans to replace the factory setup and go with autometer or something as funds allow...

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