Parting Out ALL SOLD cant DELETE

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Apr 25, 2011
Near Pasadena CA
United States
NOTHING LEFT I am trying to delete this ad
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PM sent...looking for a good steering wheel, power antenna and front interior door panels.
steering column clamshell if still good, also looking for driver and passenger front seat bottom foam, if manual seats. Price + shipping to 95672?
just to clarify, the rear axle is full floater and disc brakes?
Do you have the rear driveshaft?
Looking for the thermostat input housing, horn relay, all the roof lights front middle and the back. Shipped to 79936
Thank you!
Still got the motor? Mileage? Good running?
bucket seats rear (2) covers (the ones w the net) , driver side mirror , shipped to 78040
How does the exhaust sound? I need everything besides the headers. Any visible leaks at cat connections?
Any chance the locker ECU wiring harness is still available? Its supposed to be in every FZJ80, regardless of whether or not it actually had the FR/RR locks. Its in the driver's (LHD) side kick panel. Here's a couple pics of what I need. I'd love to pick that up from you if you've got it. The longer the wiring, the better, but should easily be able to get ~6".

Let me know!

And here's about where it will be (Note this is _not_ an 80 series, but should be in about this location in the kick panel.)

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Is the CDL actuator (bolts to PS top side of transfer case) still available? How about the steering wheel and the cruise control switch/lever for the steering column. Thanks

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