Alignment and/or brake issue

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Jan 27, 2004
Los Angeles
Hi folks.

I just replaced ALL the suspension bushings (front and rear) on my 1991 80-series truck. I had a problem that I thought was related to a couple of failed bushes.

1991 80 with rear drum brakes adjusted properly, and brand-new front wheel-bearings.

When braking, the truck would pull to the right. I could actually feel the front control arm move when braking, and the bushes were definitely bad.

So, all new bushings, and the problem persists. When traveling at speed (100 km/hr or better), and applying the brakes moderately, the truck will change lanes to the right. If a heavy emergency stop, it will make a full right turn. Very dangerous! I can stop the truck straight only by turning the wheel to the left to compensate. When the brake is released, then I have to correct the correction, or the truck will now go left. It's a trick to get this thing to stop in a straight line.

After the bushing change, I had the truck aligned. The shop didn't give me a report of the settings (bad), but they did some adjustments to the "toe-in" setting. After the align, it pulled gently to the right, even without braking. I will take it to another shop and get it thoroughly checked out.

I had thought it was the front calipers, so I changed them awhile back, and absolutely no difference. When bleeding the brakes, it appears that full pressure is being delivered to all four brake cylinders/calipers.

Besides stuck calipers, (and any issues that may show up after another alignment shop looks at it) what else should I look at?



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