Alarm Issues

Dec 12, 2003
I've found a couple of alarm probs' with my newly acquired '95 UK Spec FZJ80...

1) Siren does not work (Tried castle key in both positions - no joy).

2) Ultrasonic detection does not work (little LED on detector does not light and does not alarm when triggered, but Key Fob switch correctly gives either two or three flashes of the indicators to arm it, and the indicators flash when attempting to start the vehicle).

I ordered and received the Haynes Manual for the vehicle, but the wiring diagrams are incomplete. The Owners manual states that it has the TVSS fitted.

I would just add that I am a qualified Electronic Engineer and would dearly love an accurate circuit diagram of the alarm system to aid my diagnosis... does anyone a know of or have a downloadable version. Failing that does the Factory Workshop Manual have the details ? if so I'll order one.

P.S. I used to be a Jaguar driver, now since owning a 'Cruiser I'll never own a saloon car again!

Happy whatever to you all

John (happy in my Bruiser) :)
Apr 3, 2003
Mar 27, 2003
Somewhere in the foothills...
Unfortunately, you won't find the TVSS EWD there. I have the (9mb) EWD for the RS3000 alarm but that won't do you any good. It's also not in the FSM.

I need a hosting site that will allow big files as most only have a 1MB file size limit. I am working on it when time permits.


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