Aisin Locking Hubs

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Sep 2, 2003
Metro NY
United States
Pair of Aisin locking hubs off of an FJ62 (fine spline that will fit all later model FJ40 and all FJ60/62 cruisers) These are in very good condition. Checked internals - all in good working order, levers turn smoothly. All cap screws have their washers. This truck was never wheeled. Clean and paint to make 'em look like new or use them as is. I will include the good, used snap rings. No cone washers or cap nuts included.
$125 shipped in the USA.
paypal is best
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what are long body hubs and what are they off of?

The Aisin/Asco longbody hubs fit the pre-79 cruisers with the longer 30 spline birfields. I have a 76 and if I want to use the Aisin hubs that Woytovich has, I'd have to switch to the newer 79+ birfs that are shorter. Fast Eddy just got a set of longbodys and I'm jealous as hell!

I got a set of damn near NOS Aisin short hubs a while back, and I'm about to start a knuckle rebuild, so I'll prolly get a new set of birfs.

Search around the 40 Tech, there are a few really good threads on the Aisin hubs

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