Aircondition problems

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May 5, 2013
I have brand new compressor and used to have ice cold air here in south Florida you need it bad. Now I have a slow leak and have no clue where it's coming from. What should I be checking. I don't not think it is my evaporator. What else can be leaking. Should I just run stop leak freon r34 and be done with or keep searching. It's hot !!
Find the leak. You should see an oily mess where it's leaking. The stop leak refrigerant is not a good solution IMHO.
if leak is not major go have a/c shop or have someone add the proper dye used in a/c systems to find light. Finding a leak on your own is almost impossible unless its obvious like a split hose. o rings around hose ends are common.
Did you convert to R134a or leave it R12? I went ahead and converted my system to R134a last year when I replaced my compressor. Doing that meant I had to basically pull the whole system and swap in the new TXV and replace the drier as well as put all new o rings in and the right PAG oil in the compressor. After all that I still had a leak and a pretty bad one at that, but I could not find the leak to save my life which was really frustrating. About 6 months into dealing with the leak I happen to notice a small bubble around one of the bolts that holds the front casing of the compressor on. I never would have thought to look at the brand new compressor to find my leak! So the lesson I learned here and am passing to you is to check all those bolts on the front and back of the compressor casing to make sure you don't see oil or bubbles coming out from there. Hopefully you track it down and get back cooling. Having been born and raised in South Central Texas, I know just how miserable it can be in the summer having no A/C.

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