Advice on the 3B with rotary injection pump

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Jan 20, 2003
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I just got the 3B for my FJ45LV and I need a bit of advice from folks with the 3BII and the rotary injection pump.
This engine doesn't have the EDIC motor. I assume that all I need is the fuel cutoff solenoid which I think is there?
What about the fuel pump/priming pump? The rotary pump doesn't have the same priming pump as the inline injection pump does (I can't see ANY priming pump on it at all). Is this a Dyna thing (the engine is from a Dyna or Coaster) or do the rotary engines use an electric fuel pump and remote priming pump.
Pictures of the 3BII in 'Cruisers is appreciated!!
the rotory pump does not have an edic it has elec shut off at the pump.
the priming pump is on the fuel filter housing that is different from the 3B that was on the injection pump...
3B with Rotary pump and weird filter...since replaced with Racor.

the filter is fender mounted? then you probably never got the primer with your engine.

I have heard of marine style hand bulbs being used on 6.2 chevs that are with out a pump. Other than that crank forever.

Firewall mount a racor and prior to the filter put in a hand bulb......

if you don't have the filter housing.
Island Moose said:
3B with Rotary pump and weird filter...since replaced with Racor.

Moose, does the Racor have a priming pump built in? Where did you get the Racor from and how much was it (I won't need a heated one here in the tropics)? What about the main fuel pump from the tank or is that integral to the rotary injection pump?

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