Advice on Diesel Swap into FJ62

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Apr 21, 2003
Am seriously considering swapping a diesel (preferably turbodiesel) into my '62. The 3FE runs well, but the fuel mileage plus the torque benefits of the swap are convincing. i'd want to swap in a 5-speed at the same time. Question is what is the best combo to go with? I seem to remember someone posting that has a 3B with AXT turbo. Wondering what is suggested considering cost/availablity in the states. Thanks.
I've got an '82 BJ60 with the 3B and AXT turbo and H55 5 speed tranny. There are several things to consider in doing a swap. I am not sure but I don't think the 3B or it's factory turbocharged cousin the 13B-T are EPA approved for use in automobiles in the U.S. That being said there are people out there with the 3B and 13B-T in the states so there is a way to do it. If I was doing a complete swap with the engine and tranny I would likely go the Japanese takeout way and order up a 13B-T and 5 speed or something similar from New Zealand or Australia. The only drawback with that is the 13B-T was never officially imported to this continent so parts that are 13B-T specific could be harder and more expensive to obtain. The 3B WAS imported to Canada and parts availability is good as it is with the H55. With these engines I have owned my '82 since 1989 and put on over 300,000kM and have never needed engine parts other than gaskets and glow plugs so that should not factor too heavily in your decision. There is a guy here locally who has the 13B-T and the five speeds available. It will be more work than just remove engine "A" and drop in engine "B" as a diesel operates entirely different from a gasoline engine.
Not expecting a one-day project, and one of the reasons I am asking is to make the swap as smooth as possible. Parts availability is a concern, but not a priority. If parts are available, but a week away, I can deal. I would be using this truck as a daily driver(but not the only vehicle in the family) as well as moderate off-road use in the northeast. Like the idea of monster low-end while enjoying some fuel economy. Basically, I want to maximise performance without going with something un-roadable. Currently have 33" tires and about 3-4" of lift. Anybody know what the inspection procedure is for gas-to-diesel swaps in Massachusetts?
cruiser_guy, thanks for the info. Can you put me in touch with the guy who has 5-speeds and 13B-T engines? I'd like to see what he charges. thanks.
A 1HZ-H55F combo might be more up your alley. 13BT would be nice as well, I am sure. Andre is working on a website for Sheldon Walsh and I, in regards to some 13BT's and 1HZ's we either have, or are on the water.

Hit off list if you want more information.


Greg Bowie
Ballarat Toyota in Victoria, Australia are advertising BRAND NEW 4.2 diesels complete with pump and injectors for $8500 AUS which is about $5600 US .Ballarat is about 100 miles out of Melbourne.
How is the on-road performance of the 4-cyl diesels? I would think they would be inferior to the 3FE. I'd think the 12HT,1HDT, or 1HDFZ would be best choices if one could be located. The performance on - road is important enough I'd look into a more difficult project.
Louaxtjr Do you mean 4 cyl or the 4.2 litre which is a 6 cyl. The 4cyl doesnt have any on road performance. The 4.2 will sit on 65-70mph with a bit left over and is fantastic off road .The turbo version can tow a 1.5 ton excavator on a trailer at 100 mph (I dont condone it but its true)It will tow heavy loads with ease and will reach 400000 miles minimum with only periodic maintenance. There is also a 4 litre version and the latest 4.5 litre which is fitted to the HZJ79 and 100 series. I think these are the 12HT ,1HDTand 1HDFZ you mentioned. If you want some names of dealers in Australia selling low klm units get back to me. There seems to be a lot around at the moment
I was asking about the 4-cylinders due to the suggestion of 13BT ot 1HZ. I'd rather have a turbo six for the power AND torque. I'm sure fuel economy would be an improvement over the 3FE as well. Any info you have on where I might locate a 4.2 turbodiesel would be appreciated.

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Since you're starting from scratch, I'd go with a six cylinder. The fours (B series) are good motors, but the 6's are smoother, quieter and do produce more (albeit not a bunch more) power.

for a wagon, go 6 cylinder.
12H-T's are turbo 2H's, accept standard gas type tranny, and are a near bolt in to J6X series (so a FJ62..). Downside, made 2 years in late 1980's, vac pump tied to alternator, most electrics are 24 volt unless converted.

1HZ made 1990 to current, non turbo and power like 2F (but expect low 20 US mpg in wagon). Aftermarket turbo (even twin turbo) has been done but can fry engine if you don't watch it. pros, north american parts supply as used in Canadian mining industry, used std alternator and separate gear driven vac pump, H55's are available that fit.

1HD-T (12 valve) made 1990-1995, shares many parts from HZ (water pump, intake gaskets, crank etc). Makes 20 more horse than 12H-T. Cons, NO H55 will bolt directly- must use H15X NON US TRANNY, also big end bearings must be replaced under 100K or engine can eat itself.

1HD-FT (24 valve) made 1995-1998, DOES NOT SHARE MANY PARTS WITH HZ/HD-T, still mechanical injection and can be worked with, 5-10 more horse than HD-T. No H55's etc

1HD-FTE (24 valve) made 1998 current, 8 wire all electronic hook up- with a diesel you want easy service roadside in buttscratch. if you use this engine it is ALL ELECTRONIC which is contrary to idea. If one of the relay/sensors goes in North Platte NB you are:
1) calling Marv Specter with credit card (and waiting)
2) calling Australia with credit card (waiting still longer)
3) using credit card to buy shotgun to finish off truck
I would think they would be inferior to the 3FE.
No. :mad: My standard B has so much more off Idle Torque than a 1FZ-FE and is much quicker to overtake on the Highway.

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