Actually quiet muffler recommendation

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Oct 2, 2008
Somerville MA
Every thread on every board that I've seen, when the OP actually asks for a quiet muffler, is loaded with recommendations for "not too quiet, not too loud". I'm hoping club responses will be more useful than public forum responses.

I don't want "not too loud". I want quiet as hell. I want stock '95 Civic quiet. I want Hybrid quiet. I want new Yaris quiet. I don't care about power, I don't want to turn heads. I want moped wrapped in a thousand diapers, inside the world's largest rubber band ball at the bottom of the Charles quiet.

Now that I've been clear I don't want a kazoo, any recommendations? This is for my 3.slo, but I'm really looking for a "universal fit" so I can fab my own cat-back more out of the way than Toyota stuck it.
I need that same info!
I like a quiet muffler as well. My 80's muffler is pretty beat and I'd like to replace it with something smaller for ground clearance but I'm told the stocker is quieter then any aftermarket muffler. So maybe see what a stock replacement costs?
Lou's custom exhaust would likely have some good recommendations and they're local
I like stock. Thats the route I went on my Tacoma. Not cheap but if you have the toyota dealer install it they come with a lifetime warranty.

Note to Flipper: Just get a cheap $20 Autozone muffler and let the next guy handle it.
Note to Flipper: Just get a cheap $20 Autozone muffler and let the next guy handle it.

I'll have you know I've sold the Mini and am on the way to the RMV to make the 70 the daily driver. Flip that fool.
It's only flipping if you make $$$ off of it!
Lou's does great work from what I can tell from trucks I've seen up there with stickers on them.

Lou's (Plymouth) just completed some work on my 62 exhaust. They "fixed" one of the cats that was rattling, and they replaced the holey muffler (Flowmaster - it's a bit louder than stock - sorry, Hypoid, no help there) and the very holey/rusted tailpipe.

When I picked it up (after store hours), I noticed they re-routed the tailpipe further into the wheelwell and it was about an inch from my 31's. Problem is that I have 33's arriving on Friday, so I knew rubbing would become a problem. Besides, the bend on the tailpipe around the axle was terrible - it looked all mashed - like someone ran over it. Anyway, I brought it back in and they replaced/rerouted it for free. It's 1000% better now - and I can say I def recommend them. It was $375 for everything. Ask for Kevin or Mark.

Sorry for hyjacking a bit, but figured a recent experience with Lou's was relevant. They do have a wide array of muffler options.
Thanks guys. I'm going to make this myself, maybe I'll drop by a Lou's and buy the parts I need. I'll let you know how it ends up.
I may be mistaken, but you would need a resonator or two to make what ever muffler as quiet as you want muffler alone will give you the quiet Yarris/Corolla "sound" you are looking for.

My neighbor told me he had a mix of 4 mufflers and resonators on his new V8 4Runner, and found it way to quiet, so he replaced the stock muffler, and one resonator, with only one after market muffler...not what you are looking for, but at least now it sounds like it has some balls...just goes to show what a big difference one resonator made.
mike the problem is that the oem stuff on the minitruck was made out of tin foil and if a rock doesn't get it the rust will in due time.
you would have to re tube the outer skin also as thats usually what goes first, and if your gonna do that you might as well just make a muffler yourself.

This is the muffler nat and I found that works well for the minitrucks. Its not as quiet as oem, but it sure is strong. And it isnt really that loud either.

Again not really what jackie is lookin for exactly tho
not at all, one could just suck at it.

Interesting theory. I might have lost $$$ on 2 or 3 trucks since I started. Broke even on a lot of them. Not the way to get rich by any stretch!
They aren't cheap, but Dynomax Thrushpower II mufflers have a decent tone and are still very quiet.

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