Accident at work (i'm ok)

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Oct 4, 2006
Seattle, WA
The throttle stuck open on one of the fork lifts I was on and it hooked a support beam and ripped it out. Quite a bit of the roof and steal beams bowed in and then caved in even more as well as shooting water and air out of the sprinkler lines. I'm lucky nothing fell on me at that moment and am a little shook up but physically nothing is wrong with me.
Thought i'd let everyone know now

Scared the crap out of me


I am glad you are ok. It looks like the fork lift is holding the roof up.
Holy sh!t man :eek:, glad you are OK.

That could have been really really bad.
Damn dude...glad you are ok. What a freak accident.
See what happens when you make the Yeti mad!
Glad you weren't hurt Al. Looks like it was a near miss from a VERY bad day.

:beer: R
another roll cage saves the day.

glad you are ok.
Glad you are ok man!

That forklift didn't have Toyota's VGRS did it?? :eek:
It was a toyota...... damn sticky throttles extend their entire line apparently.
I wish I had another pic as the roof is about 2 feet lower than it was in those pics.

Nothing will get your heart racing faster than watching a couple hundred tons of steel and concrete coming down at you while having the busted air lines and sprinkler lines shooting compressed air and water all over you.

Anyone know another job in the Charlotte area..... have a feeling in a month or two I might be needing another one. (seriously)
Dang Al, that sucks but glad to hear physically you are fine.
Dang man! Like everyone else is saying, I'm glad you're ok.
Wow! Just seeing this now. Glad you weren't hurt.
glad your ok Al. had something similar happen at a place I used to work. busted up sprinklers and damaged product. couldn't blame the throttle though. Chick just couldn't drive.

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