A new FJ runs about.

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Jan 7, 2009
Chuck towm
I've made the baby look good on the outside but need some help for the muscle. Any input as for intakes and exhaust system. I've seen some good reviews for AFE on intake and Gibson on the exhaust...
Damn nice rig I would include one of these if you are into rockcrawling! DIamond plated and awesome! I have the magnaflo box only its improved the sound and seemed to add a bit of power..nothing else on my rig..it tucks up much higher than the OEM version. GOod luck on your search for performance.

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Looks nice, Where's the Winch ?
That is frickin' SICK!!!!!!
NIce FJ! Looks like it's gonna eat ya!

One more bump for the ego! Nothing wrong with that...
If you are really looking into improving the performance you need to look at a few aspects...first of all with that lift you may want to look into regearing to a 4.56 or so, that will help. As far as CAI with exhaust the better the engine breathes the better it will work, when going with a CAI make sure it is a true one, dont go for anything that has an open filter as it will just suck in hot air, AFE and the TRD are almost identical, I would stay away from K&N and Injen. I would say work from the CAI down to headers, JBAs or Thorley, then if you really want to get into it lookin into a new y-pipe and possibly running new pipe to your exhaust, the trick with the muffler is that you want to make sure you still can maintain backpressure otherwise you will actually rob your engine of power, borla, gibson, Aero are some good ones. Aside from that there are engine upgrades that you could continue to do, but just remember when you start adding more power you need to strengthen everything else otherwise you will snap and break things.
what is the tubular thing secured to? looks like the hood. i agree with everyone, looks super sick and definitely out of madmax genre, but that tube thing is a damage multiplier IMO

what rims and tires? looks nice
Who makes that front bumper? Thats the exact one i want for my FJ.
very jealous of your FJ.
Expedition one... I think.

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