A/C clanking and Squealing and Whatnot

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Feb 2, 2011
South Texas
OK, newest issue to arise is i am driving last night I hear a screeching and then smell rubber burning. Could not replicate it, then today it happened again. AC was on, and it sounds like the compressor begins to rattle and clank, the belt makes a squeal, then I smell the rubber smell again. Push the AC button to turn it off and it stops, and the smell goes away.

Seems like the compressor might be locking up, and the belt is being dragged on the pulley? Could this be a loose belt, I think unlikely, but the squeal makes me think twice about it.

It is 104 today, and I need an AC so any help is appreciated.
Have someone in the truck push the a/c button while you are looking at the compressor. See if the compressor spins or if the belt starts smoking.

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